Medium: "600 Russian companies are changing over to the blockchain system."

The creators of the Russian IQ300 service announced that they are changing their platform over to the blockchain technology. The latest high-tech system for business process and project management improves the efficiency of communications within companies and with their external partners.

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Statistics shows that using its operational fitness improves the efficiency of a company up to 30%, and the interaction between companies increases up to 100%. As of October 2017, the platform is used by approximately 11,000 people and more than 600 organizations. As of the end of 2016, the system, which had been created a little more than a year before, scored in the top 5 design decisions in Russia. The project was highly appreciated by Vitalik Buterin, one of the key experts in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the co-founder of Ethereum. IQ300 was included in top 8 high-tech projects in Russia, according to the results of the hackathon “Blockchain in Action”.

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“The transition to the blockchain gives new possibilities for its users: from additional protection of their data to significant reduction of the cost of paperwork. In our opinion, this is exactly what large and medium businesses need. Our experts are constantly studying the Russian and foreign markets, analyzing which functions have the highest demand, and these functions are being immediately implemented in the system. We are proud of the fact that our technology was developed in Russia, and it would inspire the Russian businessmen to new achievements in their fields. With the blockchain digital technologies, our possibilities are limitless”, — said Alexander Tkachev, the founder of the project.

Today the platform is implemented and actively used for management and work with residents at the business incubator of IT-Park in Naberezhnye Chelny, at the city administration, as well as at Kamsky center of cluster development and at the IT-cluster. The system is approved by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and is included in the unified register of software developed in Russia.

IQ300 is a true DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, integrated with the most popular cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Etherium. This integration enables you to accelerate business processes and reduce the cost of maintenance of settlements between participants of business communications.

Another peculiarity of the Russian technology is using smart contracts. In the nearest future, the service will be completely converted to electronic document management by means of blockchain. It will help to achieve the highest level of confidentiality, trust and security of documents, and also, to increase the autonomy of any project. Companies will not need brokers, banks, notaries, lawyers and other intermediaries for confirmation or verification of transactions and processing of financial documents, and this will significantly save costs.

Using the blockchain also eliminates the possibility of manipulation by third parties, because implementation of any agreement will be automatized, i.e. carried out without any third-party organizations or individuals involved. This document management system will speed up the whole chain of processes during the creation and implementation of a project.

Experts believe this service to be a kind of twenty-four seven project manager. IQ300 is a convenient tool for task management, which is able to compete with the widely known “Wrike”, “Asana”, “Megaplan” and “Bitrix24”, but unlike the “classical” task-systems, it uses the blockchain, with its encryption and speed advantages. At the same time, this system is easy to learn, and it can also solve the problems of planning and task execution for large companies, as well as for small teams of 2–3 people.

Источник: https://medium.com/@iq300/600-russian-companies-are-changing-over-to-the-blockchain-system-b9dae6e15dee