Medium:"The State University of Management will develop more than 250 projects on the IQ300 block chain platform"

The first Russian service for managing business processes based on block chain technology, the IQ300, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the State University of Management. SUM experts will develop recommendations to improve the functionality, they also will provide methodological and administrative support in IQ300 system. It is planned to introduce more than 250 new projects developed and functioning on the platform.

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“This partnership is the first of the series of agreements with higher education institutions. Thus IQ300 actively cooperates with the expert community and introduces new functions and algorithms developed by industry professionals to the platform. Joint work with universities opens up new directions for our activity. Even now we are ready to announce the imminent appearance of more than 250 projects created with the help of the service”, — the founder of IQ300, Alexander Tkachyov, said.

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One of the most important elements of the agreement will be the development and launch of standard project templates developed by the experts of the State University of Management, as well as of an electronic methodological guide for the use of such templates. When using such presets, the speed of project creation and its launch will be increased several times.

The platform analysts suggest that cooperation with the State University of Management will attract not only small and medium-sized businesses, but also large players of the commercial market, corporations and private entrepreneurs. IQ300 will be the first service in Russia to use the recommendations of the academic community in its work.

What is more, the service staff plans to develop industry-specific automated solutions for the non-profit sector. The company also plans to cooperate with universities not only in Russia but also in the CIS and Europe. Together with the latest digital technologies and algorithms, the platform forms a powerful tool for creating and managing projects and processes of any level both for non-commercial purposes and for subsequent monetization.

More than 10,700 projects have already been created in IQ300 system, more than 44,000 tasks have been set within them. The IQ300 portfolio includes more than 600 companies: design organizations, government agencies, small and medium-sized businesses from various sectors of the economy. The service users underline the whole ecosystem of intuitively-clear interfaces and the most convenient integrated solutions. This allows you to organize work with partners and contractors in the “single window” regime with a single system of identification and management.


For a century, State University of Management has enjoyed the confident position of the leader of management education in Russia. SUM trained more than 12,000 students in 13 Bachelor specialties, 9 Master’s programs and post-graduate students in 8 academic disciplines.

The State University of Management is a multi — level scientific and educational complex. It is rightly considered to be the founder of management education in the country. It deserved its priority not only in the opening, but also in the further development of management staff training for the needs of the Russian economy.

On December 4 and 5, 2017, the SUM welcomed the first international scientific and practical conference “Step into the future: artificial intelligence and digital economy”. Following the results of its work, the decision was made to organize the uniform federal coordination center to research artificial intelligence on the basis of the State University of Management. The center will contribute to the improvement of the higher education quality, and, therefore, to the saturation of the Russian economy with high-class unique specialists in the field of digital technologies. It is planned to hold the second international scientific and practical conference “Step into the future: artificial intelligence and digital economy” in December 2018.

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